Parking, Protest and Security on Science Hill

On December 21st, security guards at the Physical Sciences Building diligently watched over the parking lot on Science Hill where tree-sitters have been occupying Coast Redwoods since November 7th in protest of UCSC’s Long Range Development Plan. Someone up in the cluster of trees dubbed “Tree 1” confirmed what Grrr reported in a comment on SC-IMC, that on December 20th, two carloads of cops accosted the Raging Grannies in the parking lot and then arrested a young woman who allegedly attempted to climb a tree. Despite UCSC’s recent actions against perceived protesters, people continue to bring bags of supplies to either the base of the trees or directly to the sitters in the platform high above the ground.

The parking lot and trees are slated to be replaced by a highly-controversial Biomedical Sciences building, the first project under the University’s plan to develop 120 acres of forest in order to accommodate 4,500 new students by 2020. The Biomedical Sciences building will have no allotted classroom space, despite student complaints about overcrowded class sizes. However, it will have room for live animal experimentation, which includes such practices as food/air deprivation, infection, and non-anesthetized surgery, according to campus guidelines.

UCSC students and community members are planning to be under the trees on the night of December 22nd in celebration of the winter solstice.

Ways to find out more information include going to Science Hill and checking Santa Cruz Indymedia.

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