March and Rally for Peace in Santa Cruz

In response to recent gun shots and assaults in Santa Cruz, a march and rally took place on July 29, 2006, as a way for various communities to unite against violence and call for peace in the streets. Three seperate marches, Live Oak/East Side, Beach Flats and West Side, converged at Louden Nelson Park. White Hawk Aztec Dancers led moms, dads, kids, musicians, students, workers, people living in rehabilitation homes, folklóricos and others through the streets of Santa Cruz. The rally in the park consisted of young speakers, dancers, musicians and Santa Cruz politicos.

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Routing Out The Fascists in Fremont

Twice a month, the East Bay Coalition for Border Security, a racist, anti-immigrant group in Fremont that is seeking affiliation with the Minutemen, holds a rally at the corner of Mowry Ave. and Fremont Blvd. On July 28th, about 75 anti-minutemen protesters claimed the intersection that in previous weeks, the racists had used to draw attention to their anti-immigrant message. The East Bay Coalition for Border Security, in an effort to hide the location of their demonstration from the anti-minutemen protesters, rallied a couple miles down Fremont Blvd in the Irvington neighborhood. By foot, bike and car, about 40 anti-minutemen protesters left Mowry Ave. and Fremont Blvd and went to the Irvington neighborhood (Fremont and Washington) to show solidarity with immigrants and route out fascism in Fremont.

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Activists Call for Impeachment; City Council Blocks The Vote!

On July 25th, Santa Cruz activists, guided by the Coalition for Impeachment Now (COIN), attended the last Santa Cruz City Council meeting of the summer in an effort to get “our city representatives” to place a measure on the ballot in November calling for the impeachment of George Bush and Richard Cheney.

The City Council meeting was filled with people in support of an agenda item brought forth by council member Tim Fitzmaurice asking for a measure to be placed directly onto the Santa Cruz City Ballot in November, calling for the impeachment of George Bush and Richard Cheney.

There were also a lot of people at the meeting who were in support of a sensible marijuana policy initiative. The Santa Cruz Citizens for Sensible Marijuana Policy have qualified an initiative for the November ballot that will make private adult marijuana offenses the lowest police priority.

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Migrant Solidarity Prevails in Santa Cruz

A group of racists who organize through the website “Illegal Immigrant Protest dot com” called for an “Illegal Immigrant Protest Rally” at the Town Clock in Santa Cruz on July 22nd. Peace and social justice activists from across Santa Cruz County put out a call for solidarity with migrants and to confront and educate the out-of-town “anti-alien” group. About 30 activists showed up in solidarity with migrants and 3 “anti-alien” protesters came to Santa Cruz to scapegoat problems in our society on people migrating from Mexico to the United States. Feeling far too outnumbered and unwelcome, the racists returned to their cars and drove back over the hill.

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Developers Don’t Give A Fuck About Us

On July 9th, about 60 people paraded through downtown Santa Cruz as part of the international days of solidarity with the South Central Farm in Los Angeles. Marchers carried colorful anti-development signs and banners, handed out leaflets, taped posters up everywhere, and played improvised drums.

A majority of sidewalk onlookers were curious and willing to read the handouts, and a few joined in. The rally began at the clocktower and grew in numbers until spilling out on to Front St. Comfortably filling most of the asphalt, the assembly proceeded down Front to Laurel Street, turning to come back northward up the crowded Pacific Avenue drag and finally ending in a courtyard area across from the Post Office. Marchers congregated in the courtyard to listen to speakers, announcements, and a statement from the farmers, broadcasted from the mobile bike cart PA system.

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