Migrant Solidarity Prevails in Santa Cruz

A group of racists who organize through the website “Illegal Immigrant Protest dot com” called for an “Illegal Immigrant Protest Rally” at the Town Clock in Santa Cruz on July 22nd. Peace and social justice activists from across Santa Cruz County put out a call for solidarity with migrants and to confront and educate the out-of-town “anti-alien” group. About 30 activists showed up in solidarity with migrants and 3 “anti-alien” protesters came to Santa Cruz to scapegoat problems in our society on people migrating from Mexico to the United States. Feeling far too outnumbered and unwelcome, the racists returned to their cars and drove back over the hill.

The “Illegal Immigrant Protest Rally” was scheduled to take place from noon to 3pm, but at 12:20pm there was nobody standing at the Town Clock in Santa Cruz.

Crossposted at Indybay.org.