Students Strip for Sweat-Free UC

On March 1, 2006, students demonstrated at the base of UC Santa Cruz to demand that the UC comply with their “Code of Conduct” Policy adapted in 1999 to only sell products produced under safe and fair working conditions.

Audio by Vinny: Sweat-Free Campus Campaign Heats Up (excellent audio!)

Photos by Josh: Santa Cruz Students Strip for Sweat-Free UC (great photos!!)

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Text from a flyer handed out:


Every bookstore owned by each University of California campus including Santa Cruz sells UC logo apparel that is made under sweatshop conditions and wages. Back in 1999 the UC adopted a “Code of Conduct” policy assuring that the products sold would be sourced from good factories (entailing fair wages and working conditions), but in 2006, students are fully aware that the UC IS NOT complying with the policy and we have been forced to take matters into our own hands again! Students are demanding that President Dynes and Chancellor Denton to speak out publicly and adopt the Designated Suppliers Program. For more info join us at Stevenson Cafe Weds 7pm.

Call UC President Dynes and Chancellor Denton and tell them to make UC SWEATFREE by adopting the Designated Suppliers Program

Pres. Dynes 510-987-9074

Chancellor Denton 831.459.3676

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