Struggling for a Home After Hurricane Katrina

On September 20th, after Vinny and I visited the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, we headed over to the Reliant Arena to find out more information about Katrina survivors being transferred from the Arena to Fort Chaffee, a military base in Arkansas.

After trying to find family members and friends, the next step for Katrina survivors has been to try to find some form of housing.

Housing After Hurricane Katrina (5:07 minutes)

Josh (2:24 minutes)

Josh told me that he secured an apartment in Houston for himself and his wife

Milton (1:57 minutes)

Milton is highly critical about the way Katrina survivors are being treated

Magnificent (3:55 minutes)

Magnificent is trying to get to Atlanta to be with his mother

Laurence (7 minutes)

Laurence found temporary housing in Houston at Pleasant Grove Church thanks to Pastor Milton

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