Santa Cruz Community Yard Sale Benefits Katrina Survivors

On October 1, 2005, a community yard sale benefiting survivors of Hurricane Katrina took place at the United Methodist Church in Santa Cruz.

The yard sale was organized by a handful of volunteers. Many people generously donated clothing, books, furniture and other items for homes. The response from the community was great! The yard sale was very well attended and money was raised for important relief efforts, including Common Ground.

Common Ground is a community-run organization offering temporary assistance and mutual aid to the citizens of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Common Ground’s team includes doctors, lawyers, aid workers, community organizers, and volunteers of all stripes and creeds.

If you would like to volunteer to assist Common Ground bring relief to those affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, please read our How You Can Help page.

Direct Monetary Contributions

If you would like to send cheques to Common Ground, please make them payable to:

Common Ground
P.O. Box 3216
Gretna, LA 70054

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