Fuck the Corporate Media; Guerilla Screening at Tent University Santa Cruz

As the University of California Administration engages in a public relations campaign of lies, Santa Cruz Indymedia’s open-publishing newswire is being utilized by UCSC students, staff, faculty and members of the community to expose the truth about the events that took place on Monday evening (4/18/05) at Tent University Santa Cruz (TUSC) and some of the many reasons for organizing TUSC in the first place.

On April 20, at about 8:15pm, Tent University Santa Cruz participants came to a decision at the base of the UCSC campus that all but a dozen TUSCers would spend the night in the Quarry Amphitheater, a beautiful outdoor venue at UCSC, and have a meeting to discuss their platform of demands for the UC Administration.

At 10:30pm, Santa Cruz Indymedia volunteers decided to throw together a midnight Guerilla Screening in the Quarry. The screening was a nice surprise for more than thirty TUSCers that were meeting and camping in the Quarry that night.

Martin and Andres, two students at UCSC, created a six minute video of Monday night’s arrests and Andres uploaded the video to his website hosted on a UCSC server. The link to the video was published on SC-IMC by early Tuesday and quickly made it’s way around the world thanks to Santa Cruz Indymedia, Free Radio Santa Cruz, Indybay.org, Indymedia.us and numerous other types of social networks on the internet. However, many people have been frustrated when trying to download the video because “someone” told the administrator of the server (dmedia.ucsc.edu) to remove the video because it “broke the terms of service essentially and because it wasn’t relating to class material.”

Here is what Andres told me in an email, “…..the person who is responsible for the server dmedia.ucsc.edu, was told by “someone” that this media existed on my account and that it should be removed. I got an email from him (the tech guy) telling me that what I was doing broke the terms of service essentially, because it wasn’t relating to class material. The interesting thing about this, is that he has no real idea if something would or would not be related to my classes, and I know my professor would back me on the importance of this video in the context of our class. So, essentially, somebody TOLD HIM that it wasn’t appropriate and he followed orders. That is why the link was down and now relocated. I am fighting to get it back on the UCSC servers because it is fair that the administration bear the burden of showing people what they did on Monday.”

With all this mind, Santa Cruz Indymedia volunteers presented an outdoor midnight guerilla screening of A Call To Media Arms, Ring of Free Trade, To Protect and Serve (6 minutes of abuse at TUSC), Fuck The Corporate Media, and The Miami Model.

From Andres web site:
“IMPORTANT NOTICE: The video that was taken down from UCSC servers was not a result of censorship. After speaking with the staff of the Film and Digital Media department, it became apparent that the main reason for the removal was due to immense traffic to the site. There was a healthy amount of miscommunication and assumptions made by everyone involved, but again, the basis for the removal of the video was not an attempt to censor the material.”

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