Solidarity with the EZLN in Coyoacan, Mexico

Solidaridad con el EZLN en Coyoacan México

ARTICLE and PHOTOS by Bradley

Last month, activists painted a huge red star in Mexico City’s Zocalo to help bring attention to the Red Alert issued by the EZLN. On July 31, 2005, activists in solidarity with the EZLN used a variety of tactics to educate people in downtown Coyoacan, Mexico City about the Sixth Declaration from the Lacandona Jungle and the ongoing Zapatista struggle for land, work, dignity, health, food, education and respect.

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Policías Auxiliares en Huelga de Hambre en D.F.

Auxiliary Police on Hunger Strike in Mexico CityEnglish

ARTICULO por Adriana
FOTOS por Braulio
TRADUCCION por Adriana y Braulio

28 Julio, 2005 – Bernardo, Guillermo y Miguel, son tres de cinco Expolicías Auxiliares del D.F. (México). Desde hace 23 días ellos viven en un campamento hecho de lonas y camas de unicel, en la plancha del Zócalo capitalino frente a la oficina del Jefe de gobierno, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO)*, ya que el año 2000 AMLO decreto que las condiciones laborales de los policías iban a mejorar, que tendrían un salario justo, un buen servicio medico, y que la corrupción dentro de la institución se iba a terminar.

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It was a Good Day

[ Photo by slworking2 (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0). This mountain is known locally as Blue Rock. Santee, California. ]

it is so much easier for me to take photos than it is to write a journal entry, or in this case, a blog entry. i’ve had journals at different times in my life, but i do not spend much time these days writing or typing about my thoughts and feelings. but i should. i think we all should, really. but, i usually feel that action takes precedence to reflection and planning.

i’m not sure where to begin, since this is my first blog entry on the critical mass radio network website. at about four in the morning on july 23, i was looking at the moon over the santa monica mountains and thinking about the many people that have used their time and knowledge to help me out. i was mainly thinking about technical support related to the internet.

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WAMM March for Medical Marijuana

The Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana, supporting organizations and the community at large sponsored the WAMM March for Medical Marijuana on Saturday, July 16, 2005 at 12 noon on the Pacific Garden Mall, in downtown Santa Cruz.

Hundreds of people marched and rolled on Pacific Ave. and over to Santa Cruz City Hall in a demonstration of community solidarity opposing the recent decision of the Supreme Court and of Congress that leaves sick and dying Californians vulnerable to persecution from the federal government.

In a symbolic act of compassionate access, WAMM patient members led the march holding live cannabis plants. This solemn event honored the 154 WAMM members who have died since WAMM’s inception in 1993.

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