The Santa Cruz Midnight Mystery Ride Has Arrived

On June 24, 2005, I took part in the first ever Santa Cruz Midnight Mystery Ride.

Somebody put a call out:

Mid-Night Mystery Bike Ride

“Looking for Adventure? Out Riding your Bike Late at night? It’s time for the Midnight Mystery Ride.

SC Midnight Mystery Ride #1

Meet. Ride. Enjoy. 6/24/05”

This sounded like my type of thing, and the price was right.


so I went for it.

Read a full report and view more photos:
The Santa Cruz Midnight Mystery Ride

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Author: Bradley Allen

Bradley Allen is a reporter and photographer in the Monterey Bay Area, and a collective member of the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center (Indybay). Follow him on social media: @BradleySA.