Biofuels Car Show at UCSC

On May 21 and 22, 2005, the first ever Biofuel Community Conference and Car Show took place at UC Santa Cruz. On Sunday, I headed to UCSC’s North Remote parking lot for the Car Show and came home with some photos.

All vehicles shown in the photos below are powered by BioFuels such as veggie oil, biodiesel or ethanol.

“Biofuel enthusiasts and community members are invited to the Biofuel Community Conference and Car Show at UCSC on May 21 and 22! Come participate in group discussions, learn how to make biofuel, convert your car, and discuss the future for biofuels. Weekend events will include a car show (featuring buses and cars of all kinds running on alternative fuels), live music, free food, circus performances and a show by the Big Tadoo Puppet Crew.”

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