Molotov Mouths at Practical Activism 2004

On October 30, 2004, the 2nd annual Practical Activism conference was held at UC Santa Cruz (college nine/ten multipurpose room). The day featured interactive workshops and presentations that provided students and activists from both the Monterey and San Francisco Bay with tools for local and global change.

The closing performance was by Leroy Moore and James Tracy, two members of The Molotov Mouths Outspoken Word Troupe, a collective of Bay Area politically-direct poets. Gentrification, poverty, race, disability, and discrimination are just a few of the topics passionately explored through their writing and spoken word performances.

Molotov Mouths (27:41 minutes)

If you enjoy what you heard, be sure to check out Molotov Mouths: Explosive New Writing available through Manic D Press.

The Molotov Mouths Outspoken Word Troupe consist of James Tracy, Dani Montgomery, Raw Knowledge, George Tirado, Leroy Moore and Josiah Luis Alderete. Hailing from San Francisco, their mission is simple – to jump-start creative works of the political imagination. No slogans, no dogma, just powerful writing that fights for social justice.

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