Dr. Helen Caldicott on Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Power, and Nuclear Waste

On October 6, 2004, Dr. Helen Caldicott, President of Nuclear Policy Research Institute, spoke at the Veteran’s Hall in downtown Santa Cruz about the profound medical, environmental, political, and moral effects of nuclear weapons, nuclear power, and nuclear waste.

Widely regarded as one of the most articulate and passionate advocates of citizen action to remedy the nuclear and environmental crises, Dr Helen Caldicott founded Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Dr. Caldicott has received many prizes and awards for her work, including 19 honorary degrees, the Ghandi Peace Prize, the Norman Cousins Award for Peace-making, and the Margaret Mead Award. She has been the subject of several documentary films, including Eight Minutes to Midnight, (nominated for an Academy Award), If You Love This Planet, which won the Academy Award for best documentary in 1983, and most recently, the highly anticipated, Helen’s War. Her latest book, which she was signing at the event, is The New Nuclear Danger: George Bush’s Military Industrial Complex.

Dr. Helen Caldicott (1:07:53)

Sorry, there are some audio glitches in the recording, but it is worth the time to listen.

Update for June 26, 2007:

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