Rally in Santa Cruz for Same-Sex Marriage

On August 12, 2004, the California State Supreme Court ruled that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom lacked the authority to issue same-sex marriage licenses, and therefore the marriages that took place are void. Over 3900 same-sex couples were married at SF City Hall earlier this year. However, the court did not rule on the issue of whether or not same-sex marriages should be legal.

Protests were held that evening in cities all over the state. In Santa Cruz, community members gathered at the Town Clock to demonstrate solidarity after an unfavorable ruling from the California Supreme Court.

We Are Family: Marriage Is In Your Heart (25:15 minutes)

On this recording from the Santa Cruz Town Clock, we hear from:

  • The Rabbi at Temple Beth El
  • Gail Pelerlin, Santa Cruz County Recorder
  • Rob, married 25 years, Felton Roaring Camp
  • Bob Corea, Diversity Center
  • Mark Stone, 5th District County Supervisor
  • Mardi Wormhoudt, 3rd District County Supervisor

– Social Movements Procede Legal Change.

  • Gail and Dina spoke, married in San Francisco six months ago
  • Margaret Leonard, Local Attorney

– 4,000 people denied their marriage license.

AB205 does not benefit him and his wife

  • Barbara Bodin, Mom w/ 3 kids. 20 year old sons are gay. Active with PFLAG
  • Thomas Leavitt, Bi-Sexual Male, Co-Chair of Santa Cruz GLBT

– His kids (wife’s children) are not allowed to attend events with him where sexual orientation may be discussed.

  • Tera, An Ally
  • Merrie Schaller, Co-Chair of Santa Cruz GLBT

– Get Bush Out of Office.
– Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that any AIDS organization that gets federal funding can not mention condoms unless they say that condoms are not effective.

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