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The Great Morgani, aka Frank Lima, Gets Squeezed Out of Downtown Santa Cruz

Trails of Turquoise by The Great Morgani

Trails of Turquoise by The Great Morgani.

On Tuesday, February 18, The Great Morgani announced he will no longer be performing in downtown Santa Cruz “due to the recent strict enforcement of current ordinances” passed by the Santa Cruz City Council.

Joe Rose, an excellent illustrator and painter who regularly displays his artwork on Pacific Avenue, reports that on Sunday afternoon, he witnessed two Santa Cruz Police officers hassling The Great Morgani on Pacific Ave. Joe wrote, “there were 2 cops that stopped him playing when he had a crowd of about a dozen people watching.”

The Great Morgani, aka Frank Lima, is a longtime street performer and performance artist from Santa Cruz, recognized as one of city’s most interesting characters. He plays the accordion and dresses in homemade, seasonally relevant costumes which sometimes take up to 100 hours of work. He usually performs on the east side of Pacific Avenue on the El Palomar block.

He authored a book, The Great Morgani: The Creative Madness of a Middle-Aged Stock Broker Turned Street Musician, which is described as a “photo-illustrated story of one of the United States’ most flamboyant and unusual street musicians.” He also has a website,

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Santa Cruz Bike Party Love Ride

Chopper Dave and the Happening Couch

Chopper Dave and the Happening Couch

“Santa Cruz Bike Party seeks cycling sweeties for casual roll-mance under full moon. All you need is love, and a trusty bike. Throw in a cute date, or meet someone bike-tacular on the ride, and its on!”

That was the Valentine’s card invitation from the Santa Cruz Bike Party to all cyclists, near and far, who are ready and willing to roll. The Santa Cruz Bike Party is a fun community ride on the 2nd Friday on each month, featuring different themes, routes, and music. It’s a party on wheels and a great way for people of all ages to make friends.

This month, the 2nd Friday was on February 14, Valentine’s Day, and a full moon. Cyclists converged at the Bicycle Church on Spruce Street at 6pm, sporting red and pink on their clothes and bicycles.

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¡Mesoamérica Resiste! A New Campaign by the Beehive Design Collective

Sakura presents ¡Mesoamérica Resiste!

Sakura presents ¡Mesoamérica Resiste!

On November 12, 2013, Sakura of the Beehive Design Collective presented ¡Mesoamérica Resiste!, the long-awaited third graphics campaign in an epic trilogy, at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. ¡Mesoamérica Resiste! is a graphic story-telling about resistance to neo-colonialism and mega-projects in Mexico and Central America.

The Bees explain their work best!

MESOAMÉRICA RESISTE is the long awaited final installment in the Beehive’s graphic trilogy about globalization in the Americas! This collaboratively produced educational illustration was created through an intensive process of grassroots research that started in 2004, when an initial team from the US, Canada, and Mexico traveled together from Mexico to Panama to meet with communities organizing against the mega-infrastructure projects of a regional integration plan then known as Plan Puebla Panama.

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Sour Mash Hug Band at Club Kuumbwa in Santa Cruz

sour-mash-hug-band_3_9-28-13 On Saturday, September 28, the Sour Mash Hug Band performed at Club Kuumbwa in downtown Santa Cruz, “a new, casual concert series featuring independent artists and cheap beer!” Club Kuumbwa presents all ages shows at Kuumbwa Jazz Center, a nonprofit arts organization which has been celebrating creativity since 1975.

Kuumbwa Jazz “provides opportunities for residents and visitors in the Santa Cruz area to enjoy and appreciate the full spectrum of jazz music through live performance and education. Kuumbwa Jazz envisions a community where all people can experience the joy of music, and understand the value and legacy of jazz as an original American art form.”

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