Outreach for Yes on Prop 37 to Label GMOs at Wellness Fair in Santa Cruz

On August 25, Tarah Locke, Patti Bond and Melissa DeVera, tabled for GMO-Free Santa Cruz and Yes on Prop 37 at the 2012 Wellness Fair in downtown Santa Cruz. Each year the College of Botanical Healing Arts (COBHA) sponsors “a Wellness Fair bringing together traditional and alternative practitioners, businesses and educational institutions reflecting our diverse Santa Cruz Community. Our aim is to promote personal and community wellness and sustainability through networking and education.”

The mission of GMO-Free Right to Know! Santa Cruz, one of the many organizations at the Wellness Fair, is to get Proposition 37 passed to mandate labels on foods sold in California which were created through the process of genetic engineering. These foods, proven to be unsafe for humans, animals and the environment, are referred to as Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs for short.

The Committee For The Right To Know is a grassroots ballot initiative campaign to label genetically engineered foods in California. Their website states, “Help ensure Californians have the right to know and choose what they buy to feed their families. Vote to label genetically engineered foods on the ballot this November.”

GMO-Free Right to Know! Santa Cruz is an active organization of volunteers who collected thousands of signatures to place the initiative on the ballot as a proposition. Now the group is outreaching at various locations in Santa Cruz County, including the Boardwalk, Pacific Avenue and the Capitola Begonia Festival, to encourage people to vote yes on proposition 37.

Keep your eyes open for GMO-Free Santa Cruz, or contact the group for more information at [email protected].

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