Day 31 at Santa Cruz Peace Camp 2010

August 3, 2010, was the 31st day of Santa Cruz Peace Camp 2010, a protest at the county courthouse against the City of Santa Cruz municipal code known as the Sleeping Ban. The Peace Camp began on July 4 as a 8pm – 8am refuge for people in Santa Cruz who do not have a legal or safe place to sleep between the hours of 11pm to 8:30am. It quickly transformed into a full-time demonstration for all to see.

Santa Cruz Peace Camp 2010 is reminiscent of the 2007 protest against the Sleeping Ban which began on August 12 at City Hall and lasted about a week. The Santa Cruz police department raided the demonstration at City Hall at 3am on August 18. As in the case with Santa Cruz Peace Camp 2010, the 2007 protest was a public visualization of the lack of a place for people to legally sleep.

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