Memorial Rally and Bike Ride on Mission and King in Santa Cruz

A memorial rally and bike ride took place in Santa Cruz on August 16th. At Bay View Elementary School, Takashi Yogi rode his bicycle to generate power for an amplified sound system. Speakers addressed the crowd, composed of mostly cross-town type bikers, about the need for safer transportation conditions for people commuting without automobiles, such as students that walk and bike to schools.

Robert, a friend and colleague of John Myslin, the teacher that two years ago was killed by a truck at the intersection of Mission and Bay while riding his bike to school, spoke about how safe and meticulous John was in every respect. Robert was upset to learn that John was blamed for his death. He is also troubled seeing Bay View Elementary School students ride their bikes to school while going the wrong way on Mission and listening to iPods.

Carolyn, a coordinator with local bicycle advocacy organization People Power!, clarified that King Street is not necessarily a safe alternative to biking on Mission, but rather a dangerous road to ride a bike on since there are no bike lanes, cars parked on both sides of the street, and fast moving cars.

People Power! is leading the call to create a bicycle boulevard on King Street. Micah Posner, a spokesperson for the organization, says the plan is being modeled after bicycle boulevards in other cities, such as Berkeley.

August 7th, 2009 marked the two year anniversary of the death of John Myslin, a high school teacher who was run over by a truck at the intersection of Bay and Mission. Several months after his death, on April 8th, 2008, another experienced cyclist, Chris Rock, was run over and killed by a truck at the same intersection.

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Santa Cruz Memorial Bike Ride on August 16th

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