Watsonville Shines at First Annual LGBTI Pride Celebration

People throughout the Monterey Bay Area marched, danced, and sang, with style and grace, at the historic, first annual, Watsonville LGBTI Pride Celebration on August 24th. Many families and youth took part in the march and rally, as well as non-profit, community and religious organizations. The most flamboyant marchers may have been Grupo Horizontes, a social support group in Watsonville and Santa Cruz for gay and bisexual Latinos that works to elevate personal esteem and mutual respect within the queer community with a focus on personal identity. The Brown Berets, perhaps the most recognizable organization in Watsonville, received a loud applause they marched into the plaza with a spray-paint banner that translates from spanish to english as, “Liberation for All of the Oppressed.”

For very good bilingual background information about the first Watsonville Pride Celebration and danielsan’s multimedia coverage from the event, please check out:

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