March for Our Lives at the RNC in St. Paul

On September 2nd in St. Paul, the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) brought together poor and homeless people of every race, background and age, students, social workers, union members, lawyers, religious leaders, artists and others who stand for social and economic justice. The PPEHRC raised their voices in the “March for Our Lives” to demand “Money for Health Care and Housing, Not for War!”

Health care and housing should never be luxuries – not in the United States, not anywhere. Toward this end, the PPEHRC called for protestors to fill the streets of St. Paul, Minnesota in a powerful, peaceful demonstration for the right to healthcare, housing and all economic human rights. As poverty, hunger, unemployment and homelessness grow throughout the United States, political leaders from both major parties have abandoned the common people.

The PPEHRC states, “We cannot afford to be silent. We cannot afford to be disappeared from the public eye and the political debates as our families suffer.”

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