Sheriff Visits DQU; Elders, Students and Supporters Prepare for Possible Raid

On Sunday, March 30th, a group of about 15 people drove from Santa Cruz to DQU in support of DQU students, elders, land and future generations. At 7:38pm, a Yolo County Sheriff drove onto the property of DQU and then left after about a minute. It is very rare for a Sheriff to drive onto DQU.

DQU is expecting to be visited by sheriffs and a locksmith on Monday, March 31st, to remove their locks and possibly those of us on the property.

Students and elders have put out calls for support and all are welcome and encouraged to come and stand with the students who are resisting the theft of their education and right to self-determination.

You can find more information at:

D-Q University Students Face New Threats of Arrests

DQU Students Threatened with Lock Out- Callout for Support

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