Trash Orchestra Parades to Mime Troupe’s Making a Killing

On September 23rd, the Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra led a noisy parade to the San Francisco Mime Troupe performance of Making a Killing, Building a New Iraq. In the style of a cacerolazo, parade-goers beat on makeshift drums and tambourines while marching as a metallic cacophony from Laurel Street up Pacific Avenue and across the river to San Lorenzo Park. The parade lacked a clear message and was appreciated by many people walking and photographing on Pacific Avenue. A focus of the Trash Orchestra parade was to attract people the SFMT’s performance, while other folks joined the parade to outreach about Sleep Crimes in Santa Cruz.

For a review of the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s Making a Killing, Building a New Iraq and a look at how questionable government contracting reaches all the way from Afghanistan to Santa Cruz, in the form of city contractor Camp Dresser Mckee, read:

“Making a Killing in Iraq” comes to Santa Cruz – in more ways than one

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