Grannies Rage at Capitola Military Recruitment Center

On June 26, 2007, protestors converged on the Military Recruitment Center in Capitola “to end the war in Iraq now, and to work for a future of peace and justice for all beings, in all places.” The Capitola recruiting offices for the Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy are staffed by pompous and deceitful representatives of the the world’s largest and wealthiest terrorist organization. The recruiters seem to believe the lies and exaggerations they repeat ad nauseum.

Protesters lined 41st Avenue with signs and banners calling for an end to the occupation of Iraq and supporting military resisters. The Raging Grannies of the Santa Cruz Chapter of the Womens International League for Peace and Freedom led people upstairs to the Army recruiters. The Grannies had planned to speak with the recruiters, but they were denied entry into recruitment office. The recruiters informed the Grannies that they “do not qualify to join the Army, but are welcome to send care packages to the soldiers.” Ruth Hunter of the Raging Grannies quipped back that she did not like the sexist nature his statement.

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Teaching Assistants Fight for Workload Protections at UC Campuses

On June 12, 2007, teaching assistants and other members of UAW Local 2865 held a grade-in at the Baytree Plaza at UC Santa Cruz as part of a statewide action to highlight our demand for better protections against excessive workload. The action was successful and turned out over a thousand TAs, readers, and tutors across seven UC campuses. The willingness of Local 2865 to take action around important issues is a vital part of negotiations. In the bargaining session that took place June 18th and 19th, progress was made towards adding protections against discrimination on the basis of pregnancy or gender identity.

According to a June 27th email from the UAW Local 2865 Bargaining Committee, they are still focusing on non-economic issues before moving to topics such as wages and benefits. Preliminary discussions have begun on healthcare and an agreement was reached to devote some time towards this important topic during the next bargaining sessions.

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