Speak Out Against Immigration Raids in Santa Cruz

On September 15th, an emergency protest was held at the County Government Building in Santa Cruz. Community members, including teachers, students and workers, spoke out against the recent immigration raids in Santa Cruz, Watsonville and Hollister. A bilingual elementary school teacher explained that her students are very scared to go out in public. Other speakers talked about racism in our society and ongoing attacks against workers through imperialism and capitalism.

Following the rally, the Watsonville Brown Berets, Santa Cruz Anti-Imperialist League, ISO and individuals from the community held a meeting to discuss ways to support all people, especially “undocumented” migrants, in the face of ongoing government repression. Finally, Watsonville Brown Berets and others marched through the streets of downtown Santa Cruz and the Beach Flats to show solidarity, raise awareness and amplify voices dissenting against capitalism and the fascist US Government. Photos from the emergency Reclaim The Streets will be posted as another article. Thanks to the people that organized these events and to everyone that came out to show community solidarity.

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