Pirates Roll Through Santa Cruz

About a dozen pirates hijacked bicycles and took to the streets of Santa Cruz on August 11th after throwing back some drinks at the brewery. The band of pirates stumbled upon a huge fleet of enemy ships docked at the harbor and immediately found themselves in a major rubber-band battle with a young lad. After escaping the harbor with our lives and a bit of loot, we threw our middle fingers up to an H2, captured Moby Dick and took over the park’s climbing toys. Many of us came up on booty, such as pre-Katrina Mardi Gras beads and pirate coins found during a treasure hunt.

The fun continued until a pirate-cop stopped three bikers for allegedly failing to S.T.O.P. at the proper point while sailing the high seas of Pacific Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz. According to legend, a smaller band of pirates came back together and climbed high into the mountains over looking the bay to plan more attacks.

Pirates on the Streets was brought to us by Pirate Pete and Groucho Monarchs as part of the summer series of Friday bike rides.

In addition to Pirates on the Streets, there was also a Bicycle Love! Mid Summer Mystery Ride on August 4, and on August 18, Mid-Summer Mystery Ride presents…. Mad Max on a Bike!

The questions is…. arrrrr you ready?

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