Amnesty International Vigil for a Ceasefire in Israel and Lebanon

On August 7th, local Amnesty International (AI) members organized an emergency ceasefire vigil at Lighthouse Point on the westside of Santa Cruz. The vigil, which coincided with vigils in more than 30 countries, called for a ceasefire in Israel and Lebanon, all governments to stop the supply of arms to the conflict and solidarity with the victims and survivors from both sides of this conflict. AI asked people to respect the nonpartisan tone of the vigil while other people felt AI should have made a clear call for a ceasefire and an immediate Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank.


Ceasefire: No more war crimes

Civilians have been targeted in Lebanon by the Israeli Defence Forces and in northern Israel by Hizbullah leaving hundreds dead.

We, the international community, are not powerless in the face of this crisis.

Mission Diaries: read accounts of Al’s missions investigating the situation in Lebanon and Israel.

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