Santa Cruz Caravanistas On A Human Rights Mission To Cuba

On June 24, peace and human rights activists spent their day at the Live Oak Grange preparing the Santa Cruz contingent of this years Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba. This is the 17th year our fellow community members have challenged the travel ban to Cuba as well as the inhumane embargo on Cuba by our government. Volunteers did a quality inspection of donated supplies before loading them onto the dontated Ambulance, former Police SWAT wagon, and Peace Mobile. Other people put their handprints onto the vehicles to demonstrate peace, friendship and solidarity from across the sea.

From the Santa Cruz Caravanistas:

The Caravan has been challenging the U.S. economic blockade of Cuba for 17 years. This year the caravan needs you more than ever! Despite international opinion, the U.S. has continued to enforce this inhumane, immoral show of power. In an era where the U.S. increasingly ignores world opinion and basic human rights, U.S. citizens need to speak out and stand in solidarity with all peoples who are suffering the oppression of our government.

Who I’d like to meet:

Those who see that our government’s actions toward Cuba are syptoms of a diseased system. An idealized system founded not with the people of the world but rather based on money that is controlled by few. In 1961 American Forces (the CIA) were defeated at the Bay of Pigs by the peoples of Cuba. As a result the US has imposed a trade embargo against Cuba and has threatened foreign firms with grave penalties for doing business with Cuba – this is economic terrorism. The U.S. government has invested millions of dollars in organizations responsible for terrorizing the peoples of Cuba, as well as harboring known terrorists. For 14 years the United Nations has overwhelmingly approved a resolution condemning the embargo. In 2005 the vote was 182-4 with 1 country obtaining. The 4 countries who voted against the resolution: US, Israel and the Martial Islands and Palau. Micronesia obtained. The US has clearly been waging a dirty war against Cuba for over forty years – it must stop! Join this effort- We would love to meet you!!

Caravan to Cuba’s Calendar

Jul 2, 2006 – Orientation in Texas
Jul 3 – Orientation in Texas
Jul 5 – Travel to Tampico, MX
Jul 6 – Travel to Tampico, MX
Jul 8 – Travel to Cuba
Jul 9 – Program in Cuba
Jul 10 – Program in Cuba
Jul 16 – Travel to Mexico
Jul 17 – Reverse Challenge

Wonder why George W. doesn’t want you to know the truth about Cuba?
Find out this summer!

IFCO/Pastors for Peace 2006 Caravan to Cuba

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