A Small Taste of Santa Cruz Organizing for May Day 2006

Many businesses will be closed on Monday, May 1, 2006, as Santa Cruz prepares for a May Day work strike and consumer boycott. No Work, No School, No Buying, No Selling. UC Santa Cruz will be shut down from 6:00am to at least 12:00pm when UCSC students march to downtown Santa Cruz and join up with a demonstration starting in the Beach Flats.

If you find yourself at a demonstration on May Day, please consider publishing a reportback on Indymedia.

Minidisc recorders are very nice for recording voice and music. We need to amplify our voices through recording them and broadcasting live on the airwaves. Or, bring a camera and publish your photos on Indymedia.

More details on May Day Actions in the Monterey Bay Area

We need to diversify our roles in the movement.

More people on the airwaves.

More people publishing on Indybay.

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