Eben Kirksey’s Call to FRSC About Possible Voting Irregularities in Felton

[ A visit to Diebold’s corporate headquarters in Ohio by an IMCista. ]

On November 2, 2004, Eben Kirksey published an article on Santa Cruz Indymedia voicing concern about his voting experience in Felton. I spoke with Eben shortly after he published on SC-IMC and he explained that his main concern was the use of pencils to fill out ballots at his polling station, despite signs posted inside the polling station insisting on the use of special graphite pens.

After speaking with Eben, I called the Santa Cruz County Clerk so they could explain the use of pencils in the polling station and for a clarification on the legality of political clothing inside the polling station.

Audio: Eben Kirksey on FRSC (4:54 minutes)

I called Eben back to explain what I had learned from the Santa Cruz County Clerk. Eben feels a pencil marking on a paper ballot is an insecure method for tabulating votes due to the ability for someone to erase a marking and then mark a different box.

Eben then called into Free Radio Santa Cruz and you can hear our conversation by listening the audio posted above.

Here is Eben’s post to Santa Cruz Indymedia:

Possible Voting Irregularities in Felton

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