Santa Cruz Indymedia’s Open House at Barrios Unidos

On the afternoon of Saturday, July 10, 2004, about twenty people participated in the first ever Santa Cruz Indymedia Open House. A fine feast of organically grown heirloom tomatoes and basil, melons and berries, chips and salsa, bread, hummus and olives fed the minds and mouths of incoming independent media makers before launching into an audio production workshop led by the V-Man.

As V-Man led a workshop on the basics of recording interviews on a minidisc, I helped SJG publish on Indymedia for her first time. SJG is on her way to the Americas Social Forum in Quito, Ecuador and hopes to provide some coverage on Santa Cruz Indymedia.

Americas Social Forum

Roberto and Lisa projected Santa Cruz Indynewsreal videos for an inspired audience. I saw Lisa’s interview with Amy Goodman followed by one of my all-time favorite videos, ‘A Call To Media Arms’ by Videos From the Resistance’ portland.indymedia

Tim interviewed Peter as part of the audio workshop and together we quickly learned about transferring the audio from the minidisc to the audio editing software on the computer and then publishing the audio on Indymedia.

Saturday afternoon at Indymedia

The afternoon had a very smooth flow. People seemed to enjoy the lack of structure and the food, audio workshop, publishing demonstration, and indynewsreal videos.

The future is unwritten.

Santa Cruz Indymedia will be meeting on Monday, July 12 at Barrios Unidos at (about) 5:30 PM.

Thanks to Fault Lines / Indybay for dropping off a stack of Fault Lines #2 today at Barrios Unidos!

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