Life Lab Science Program Celebrates 30 Years with Garden Festival

In 2001, Life Lab collaborated with the UCSC Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems to create the Garden Classroom, a model educational garden located on the UCSC Farm.

For 30 years, Life Lab Science Program has been helping educators and students bring learning to life in the garden. Based in Santa Cruz, Life Lab has been a leader in the garden-based learning movement locally and across the nation.

On May 30th, Life Lab celebrated its 30-year history with a birthday party at The Garden Classroom, located on the UCSC Farm. This free, garden-based family festival was open to all and featured music from the Banana Slug String Band and the Rolling Cultivators along with a variety of kid-oriented activities.

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UCSC Coalition Rallies Against Budget Cuts, Fee Hikes and Layoffs

On May 28th, students, staff, workers, and faculty rallied at the base of the UC Santa Cruz campus to protest the UC administration’s decision to cut Community Studies department staff, Latin American Latina/o Studies professors, and director positions at the American Indian Resource Center and the Women’s Center. The rally was organized by the New UC, a coalition that seeks to save quality of education in the UC from regressive, belt-tightening attacks, to ensure universal access to education, and to promote freedom of thought in the university.

Since May 26th, members of the Student of Color Collective (SOCC) have been on a hunger strike at the base of campus to protest budget cuts to underserved communities. In addition to the hunger strike and rally at the base of campus, residents of UCSC’s Family Student Housing (FSH) held a demonstration with tents to protest inadequate living conditions and a rent hike.

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Speaking Out for Equal Rites and Against Proposition 8

On May 26th, the California Supreme Court issued its ruling on the validity of the Proposition 8 ballot initiative and upheld a voter-mandated ban on same-sex marriage. The 6-1 decision will allow the state constitution to define marriage as only that between a man and a woman. Demonstrations to protest discrimination have been taking place throughout the day in California and elsewhere in the nation. In San Francisco, police arrested more than 150 protesters for blocking an intersection near City Hall shortly after the ruling was announced.

Here in Santa Cruz, hundreds of people of rallied at 5pm at the Town Clock and marched a short distance.

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Hitting Home: Capitola Home Depot Hit With Literature to Save Patagonia

The HidroAysen project involves 3 dams on the Pascua River and 2 dams on the Baker River that would flood globally rare forest ecosystems and some of the most productive agricultural land in the Aysen region.

The Home Depot in Capitola, California was targeted on Sunday, May 3, 2009, with hundreds of stickers and handbills to publicize their involvement in a controversial development project in Patagonia, Chile.

“We’ve fought The Home Depot before and won.”

Almost ten years ago, Rainforest Action Network and others forced Home Depot to adopt wood product policies that removed old growth from their shelves. But their involvement in the HidroAysen project in Patagonia, Chile shows their commitments to ‘green business’ practices looking a lot like empty Public Relations.

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