Corporate Walk of Shame

On Tuesday, February 26, 2003, more than 30 people showed up in downtown Santa Cruz to express their opposition to Corporate America. Santa Cruz was one of many cities participating in a day of action to reform Starbucks. In addition to Starbucks, Borders and the Gap were also targeted on Pacific Avenue because of their significant roles in the exploitative neoliberal “hands off” global economy.

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International D.I.Y. of Action

We know that the mainstream media will not do a quality job of covering the peace movement or any other movement involving social and economic justice.

SANTA CRUZ, CA – I was delighted to see thousands of people marching from the Santa Cruz County Building to the Mission Plaza. There has not been a demonstration this large here in many years (Bruce Bratton, are you in?). I believe this is only a small taste of organized mass resistance to war in Santa Cruz.

Most of my time was spent conversing with people and distributing flyers about Santa Cruz Indymedia. Most people I spoke with were very excited to learn about Santa Cruz Indymedia. I specifically made a point to try and explain Indymedia to the hundreds of photographers and videographers that participated in the march and rally.

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