Paula Gregoire: Save Paula’s Cottage

Paula speaks with KION's Marissa Schwartz

Paula Gregoire and Isabella

On September 9, 2014, Paula Gregoire, her mother also named Paula, and her daughter Isabella, spoke before the Santa Cruz City Council against the city’s inhumane rental inspection program. The cruel and invasive ordinance was pushed through in August 2010 in a 5-1 vote by the gentrifying forces of the Santa Cruz City Council with pressure and backing from UC Santa Cruz.

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Rally in Salinas Demands Justice for Frank Alvarado, Killed by Salinas Police

"Stop Police Brutality. Justice for my uncle!"

Natalie Mendoza, Frank Alvarado’s niece: “Stop Police Brutality. Justice for my uncle!”

Update (7/15/14): Information on Donations to Frank’s Family

On July 10, 2014 at around 5 AM, officers with the Salinas Police Department reportedly shot and killed Frank Alvarado at a private home in East Salinas. Frank was a member of Santa Cruz-based Sin Barras and spoke out against prison expansion at a rally in Santa Cruz on May 14. His killing was at least the fourth murder by Salinas Police Department cops since March 21, 2014. All four police killings have been of Latino men, and all have occurred in East Salinas.

At the May 14, 2014 rally in Santa Cruz, Frank spoke passionately about the need to budget state money for social programs instead of prison expansion. Frank also shared his personal experience of incarceration, and described his release from prison in July of 2013. He cautioned that building more prisons at the sacrifice of schools and parks will lead to devastating results for California. “You will have your hell if you build those prisons,” he said.

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Rally in Santa Cruz for California Hunger Strike Anniversary

California Hunger Strike Anniversary Text via Sin Barras
Photos by Bradley Allen

On July 8, 2014, allies across the state participated in rolling hunger strikes and held local actions. In Santa Cruz, we gathered at the intersection of Water & Pacific Ave. to make these struggles against torture and criminalization visible!

July 8, 2013 is a day we remember to never forget the torture the state of California willingly inflicts on human lives. On that day, 30,000 prisoners followed the lead of their fellow prisoners locked in solitary confinement and refused to eat. By one account, close to 100 people went without eating for 59 days before agreeing to eat in exchange for serious concessions from the California Department of Corrections.

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Interview with Bradley Allen on KDVS in Davis

Bradley at Point Lobos, CA

Bradley at Point Lobos, CA

Richard Estes of Speaking in Tongues on college radio station KDVS, 90.3FM in Davis, California speaks with Bradley Allen of Indybay on June 20, 2014.

Richard and Bradley discuss Indymedia in Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay Area, homelessness in Santa Cruz and the Central Valley, the grassroots response to Hurricane Katrina, the Santa Cruz Eleven, as well as community organizing against the police in Salinas and Oxnard.

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Wells Fargo Wants Disabled As Soon As Possible

Capitalism Is Working As Intended!

Capitalism Is Working As Intended!

By Throwing Stones

A peaceful place or so it looks from space
A closer look reveals the human race.
– Grateful Dead, Throwing Stones

Wells Fargo, a client of PhishLabs Security Operations, wants the “Wells Fargo foreclosure manual” removed from as soon as possible.

On March 12, 2014, the New York Post reported, “Wells Fargo, the nation’s biggest mortgage servicer, appears to have set up detailed internal procedures to fabricate foreclosure papers on demand, according to allegations in papers filed Tuesday in a New York federal court.”

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