Malik Rahim Speaks About the Grassroots Response to Hurricane Katrina

On October 4, Malik Rahim, a longtime community activist in New Orleans and San Francisco, spoke at the Women’s Building in San Francisco about the situation in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the disastrous response by the Bush administration and other government agencies. Malik, who lives in the Algiers community of New Orleans, discussed the grassroots community relief and rebuilding efforts underway through the Common Ground collective.

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Action Against the G8 in the Mission District

On July 8, 2005, there was a West Coast Anti-Capitalist Mobilization Against the Group of Eight (G8) held in the Mission District of San Francisco. The demonstration in SF was in solidarity with the mobilization against the G8 summit taking place in Scotland.

There were also solidarity demonstrations that took place in Kansas City and Richmond.

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Interviews on Reclaiming the Commons

The biotechnology industry met in San Francisco from June 6-9, 2004, to “celebrate the benefits of biotech to health, agriculture, the economy and the environment.” BIO 2004 was countered by an alternative gathering called Reclaim the Commons, from June 3-9. Although BIO’s website claims that the Bay Area “is the world’s leading bioscience corridor,” the Bay Area is also renowned for its recent resistance against global capitalism, protests against destruction of the environment, and the US war on Iraq.

Interviews with Meddle, Starhawk, Luke Anderson and Christopher Peace, organizers of Reclaim the Commons, recorded live on Indynewswire, a new program on Free Radio Santa Cruz. Meddle, Starhawk, Luke and Christopher discussed the upcoming mobilizations.

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