No “Free Speech” for Fascists: Neo-Nazis Shut Down in Sacramento

The neo-Nazis were not able to march and they did not have a rally. While the crowd accomplished what it set out to do, it came at a high cost.

[ Nazi salute on the South Steps of the Capitol building in Sacramento, California in front of a permanently closed entrance. June 26, 2016. ]

Text from It’s Going Down
Photos by Bradley Allen

On June 26, 2016, over 400 anti-fascists converged at the Sacramento State Capitol to shut down the Golden State Skinheads (GSS) who were representing for the Traditional Worker Party (TWP).

Members of other neo-Nazi groups were largely no shows, although two members of Blood and Honor were in attendance (and were quickly left behind by GSS) they were promptly ejected. A live streamer/reporter for fascist media outlet Red Ice Creations was also sneaking around the capital; the stream was shut down and they were ejected. Matthew Heimbach, leader of the TWP was noticeably not in attendance and instead sat at home on his computer and made commentary over the livestream and declared victory while his troops were running to their cars.

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