Freak Radio Santa Cruz Celebrates 15 Years Of Pirate Broadcasting

Free Radio Santa Cruz celebrated 15 years of unlicensed, community supported radio on March 27th at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in downtown Santa Cruz. The night featured local musicians and brought together past and present station programmers, as well as other community members. In addition to the local musicians, Tom Lodge, a pirate radio legend and pioneer from England, spoke of the great days of Radio Caroline, which allowed for the British Invasion. Lodge recently penned a book called The Ship That Rocked The World: How Radio Caroline Defied the Establishment, Launched the British Invasion, and Made the Planet Safe for Rock and Roll.

Free Radio Santa Cruz can be picked up at 101.1 FM in most of Santa Cruz, and online at

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Shakey Bones Brings the Ruckus to Freak Radio Santa Cruz

They were kicked out of the Santa Cruz Farmer’s Market on Wednesday, but on Thursday, June 1, 2006, the ruckus music of Shakey Bones was welcomed on Freak Radio, our renowned community pirate radio station. Shakey Bones formed in January of 2006 in Walnut Creek, a “boring suburban town in the east bay.”

Shakey Bones plays, “RUCKUS MUSIC. New tunes, old tunes, rewritten tunes and all kinds of other madness. We make all our own cds, and send them out ourselves. Up the punx. Fuck the naysayers. Bash the fash. Eat the cake. Save the world.”

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Dianne Patterson and Kelle Greene at FRSC on International Women’s Day

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, Dianne Patterson and Kelle Greene were special guests of The Feminist Radio Collective on Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1 FM.

Ann Simonton and DJ Shatter hosted the International Women’s Day edition of The Feminist Radio Show on Freak Radio Santa Cruz 101.1FM. Folk goddess Dianne Patterson, along with her partner Kelle Greene, play some of their inspiring music, and talk about the Global Women’s Strike, International Women’s Day and the struggle against patriarchy.

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A Night at the Rio with FRSC and Friends

In response to the FCC raiding Free Radio Santa Cruz on 9/29/04, Utah Phillips called up FRSC with the idea of a benefit concert to help get our pirate station sailing the airwaves again. Many people throughout the Santa Cruz area donated their time and resources to organize a fantastic musical benefit on December 10, 2004.

“Come enjoy the music of legendary folk musician Utah Phillips in concert with Keith Greeninger and Faith Petric, along with the bootstomping sounds of The Devil Makes Three, an all-acoustic trio from Santa Cruz, at a benefit for Free Radio Santa Cruz. The event will take place on Friday, December 10th at 7:30 pm at the Rio Theatre, 1205 Soquel Avenue.”

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Looking Back Five Years to the Battle of Seattle

At the WTO protests in Seattle, we had a collective vision. We saw beyond the borders that divide us. We saw people come together across every kind of political and cultural difference and stand up in a way that we had not seen in this country for decades.

[ Hundreds of feet in the air, four climbers from Rainforest Action Network and the Ruckus Society hang a giant banner off of a construction crane on the eve of the mass street protests against the WTO, Seattle, 1999. Photo by Dang Ngo / Rainforest Action Network. ]

November 30, 1999 represented a triumphal moment for worldwide civil resistance against a global economic system that gives private corporations more power than governments. In the morning hours of N30, 1999, tens of thousands of activists from across the globe converged in the streets of downtown Seattle, to shut down meetings of the World Trade Organization, the undemocratic, international governing forum of neoliberal globalization.

The conflict became infamous around the world, partially because of the violent police response to the largely peaceful demonstrations. In years since, N30 has been remembered in the streets of Seattle and around the globe, with marches, rallies and celebrations of resistance. Dialogues about the effectiveness of the movement have multiplied in number, both within and beyond activist circles. The date is also remembered as the birth of the Independent Media Center,

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