Tara Dorabji

Tara Dorabji is a San Francisco-based writer, movement maker, arts educator, mother, and radio journalist. Her rants, articles, poems and stories have been published in journals, blogs, and anthologies including Las Girlfriends, Chinquapin, Midwifery Today, and Project Censored’s Blog. As a writer, she focuses on the stories waiting to be told, crafting the written word to serve as a container for human emotion, going right for the jugular, and letting the truth tell itself.

About the website

Tara Dorabji’s website, Dorabji.com, features her writings, workshops, an in-depth section called Kashmir Speaks, and radio interviews as both host and guest. People around the world visit Dorabji.com for creative writing and high-quality audio interviews with inspirational guests whose voices are widely-respected but seldom heard through mainstream channels.

Readers of the site can subscribe to an email newsletter, connect via social media, and easily share content. Aesthetically, the site has a clean layout, crisp typography and a color palette to emphasize her logo.

Testimonial from Tara Dorabji

Bradley is professional, knowledgeable, and was able to design a website that was tailored to my specific needs. At times, I did not even articulate a need, but he was able to identify it and then solve it. Bradley made a daunting project, manageable, achievable–and most importantly he brought my website to life. It was also a huge plus to work with someone invested in social justice movements and media journalism. In addition, Bradley gave me the tools to handle the day-to-day updates on my website. But when I want to make changes in the future, or run into problems, I’ll definitely call on him for support. Bradley knows my field and he knows how to showcase my work. I would absolutely recommend him.

My website allows me to archive and showcase my work. More importantly it creates an archive of important media interviews that are easy to share online and that others can link to. Before I created dorabji.com, my interviews were lost or part of an unwieldy archive that was extremely difficult to navigate. Bradley gave me the know how to archive individual interviews allowing audiences around the world the ability to listen with a click of the button.

For the last decade I’ve worked in outreach and communications, yet I never had a centralized way to cultivate and maintain my audience. Bradley not only built my website, which is the main platform to showcase my projects, but he set me up on MailChimp, allowing me to build and cultivate my following. Simple, effective tools are they key to Bradley’s services.

It was a pleasure to work with Bradley designing my website. He offered relevant feedback, technical know how, and brought the project to life. Things that would take me hours on my own were done in 5 minutes with his help. In the end, I have a professional, unique, formable website that meets my changing needs.