Amy Barton-Cayton Psychotherapy

Amy Barton-Cayton Ph.D., Sociology, MFT 25317.

Amy works with individuals, couples, families, and groups including businesses. She uses her psychotherapy orientations in Existential, Developmental, Mindfulness, Buddhist, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), R-CS (Re-Creation of the Self), Milton Erikson Hypnotherapy, Family Systems, and Jung according to what will best serve the client. Clients are seen for difficulties such as the array of individual issues, premarital and marital counseling, family life-cycle issues, and divorce counseling.

About the Website

The Amy Barton-Cayton Psychotherapy website features client testimonials, resources for finding immediate assistance, and a blog for Amy to publish her insights, with syndication to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The site was built with a fully responsive design, meaning it will scale to fit on all browser widths and on all mobile devices. From custom typography to search engine optimization, this site is ready to go!

Testimonial from Amy Barton-Cayton

Bradley is able to take what I want and make it happen without my being able to use the right ‘techno-speak’ and he perseveres to work through any obstacles that come up until it is right.

Bradley is really skilled at getting a beautiful website up and connected to social media so that the burden is off me, yet he did his work in such a transparent way, teaching me so I could more fully participate.