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Tomas Alejo and Jennifer Laskin interviewed on Free Radio Santa Cruz about the history of the Brown Berets and the current campaigns of the organization.

Yadira Ramirez, a 16 year-old from Watsonville, spoke about the upcoming Pilgrimage Supporting Immigrants and Farmworkers.

Santa Claus came to Main Beach to talk with beach goers about global warming while delivering the message that, “Santa Doesn’t Want To Be Ho-Ho-Homeless.”

The biotechnology industry meeting in San Francisco was countered by an alternative gathering called Reclaim the Commons, from June 3-9, 2004.

The march and rally demonstrated strong solidarity between workers throughout the UC system as well as between workers and students at UCSC.

We discuss the Donovan Jackson case, Mitchell’s famous video, dealing with corporate media, police payback, harassment in Las Vegas, and the future.

The Fresno-based activist group Peace Fresno was infiltrated by an agent working for the Fresno Sheriff’s Department and Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping in Santa Cruz at Borders, GAP, Starbucks, and Urban Outfitters.

Honduran community activist Gilberto Flores and Jenni Petullo of Rights Action spoke about the history and current political situation in Honduras.

Critical Resistance’s ‘National Field Organizer’ spoke with people in Santa Cruz that are working to start a local chapter.