UC Santa Cruz Terminates Historic Stevenson Coffee House

“This is one of the cultural and intellectual hubs of the campus, and it’s impossible to quantify what the university would be losing by closing this space.” – Scott Ferreter of Sacramento

[ Lya Aghaseyedjavadi works the counter at Stevenson Coffee House. January 12, 2016. Photo by Raine Villa. ]

At UC Santa Cruz, a shift to UC Dining across campus is being perceived as part of a plan to privatize the UC. That’s according to a comment by Grace Shefcik on a petition called Save Stevenson Coffee House.

John Hadley, Manager of Stevenson Coffee House for over 30 years, typed a letter to patrons and taped it on the cafe informing them of the news.

“It is with great sadness, I must inform you that in June at the end of Spring Quarter, Stevenson Coffee House will be closing for good and my time as Manager will be ending too.” -John Hadley

The coffee house is a cultural institution whose history and significance extends beyond the university. Hadley explains, “Stevenson Coffee House is the oldest cafe on campus, over 40 plus years of service. When it opened, it was one of few places in Santa Cruz County to have an espresso machine.”

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Jammin with Bradley Allen from Copper Pan Jams

Bradley Allen shares inspirations for Copper Pan Jams, challenges faced, the influence of Santa Cruz, and what’s next for Copper Pan Jams.

This interview by Matthew Swinnerton of Event Santa Cruz was originally published on June 22 at eventsantacruz.com.

So Bradley, what inspired you to make a company selling gourmet marmalade & jams?

My inspirations to start a company making jam from local organic fruits come from a range of people, organizations, ideals, events, and job experiences. On a trip to France in 1998, I remember breakfast always included fresh butter croissants accompanied with delicious strawberry jam.

I’m passionate about our environment and food, including sustainable agriculture, which I studied at UC Santa Cruz. Food preservation allows people to utilize more fruit from a tree. For example, a single plum tree typically provides more fresh plums than a family would be able to consume. By making plum jam, the incredible taste of locally grown plums can be enjoyed all year round. Environmentally, this seems to be a better decision than importing plums grown in another country when they are out of season locally.

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Mother’s Day Weekend Art & Gift Show

Copper Pan Jams was very excited to participate in the second annual Mother’s Day Weekend Art & Gift Show on Saturday, May 9 at Gault Elementary School in Santa Cruz.

The event, free and open to the public, was a fundraiser for Gault Elementary School. Local artists and crafters sold beautiful paintings, wearable art, purses and bags, pottery, clothing, jewelry and much more.

The Mother’s Day Weekend Art & Gift Show was coordinated by artist Isabel Wilson of Sandcastle Magic – Contemporary Art & Glass Jewelry. We agree with Isabel’s advice for reminding Mom how special she is.

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First Friday: Fruit Jams & Nut Butters @ Nut Kreations

Nut Kreations. 104 Lincoln St.
Nut Kreations. 104 Lincoln St.

Drop in to Nut Kreations, 104 Lincoln St., on Friday, September 5th from 5-7pm to taste absolutely amazing nut butters paired with gourmet jams by Copper Pan Jams.

Experience fine nuts and jams inside a beautiful store while supporting local food artisans.

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Slow Food Santa Cruz Interviews Bradley Allen of Copper Pan Jams

This interview was first published by Slow Food Santa Cruz in the Snail Mail newsletter for June 2014.

Slow Food Santa Cruz (SFSC) recently sat down with owner of Santa Cruz-based Copper Pan Jams, Bradley Allen. A 14-year resident of Santa Cruz, Allen not only produces jam, but also is a website developer, photographer, social justice activist, on the steering committee for the Santa Cruz Fruit Tree Project and a production partner for Half Moon Bay-based Beeta Ganoush. Allen shares his inspiration for starting a jam business and also his perspective on agriculture in and around the region.

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Copper Pan Jams at Teen Nite: I.D.E.A. Fest

On Friday, April 25, Copper Pan Jams was proud to participate in Teen Nite: I.D.E.A. Fest at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. The event brought together over 300 people; of which 260 were students.

Subjects to Change presented I.D.E.A. Fest (Identity, Diversity, and Expression through Art), a night to explore the people and subcultures that make up our community and ultimately what makes us…us. Topics of the evening included gender, sexuality, and stereotypes through a variety of art and creative experiences.

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The Great Morgani, aka Frank Lima, Gets Squeezed Out of Downtown Santa Cruz

On Tuesday, February 18, The Great Morgani announced he will no longer be performing in downtown Santa Cruz “due to the recent strict enforcement of current ordinances” passed by the Santa Cruz City Council.

Joe Rose, an excellent illustrator and painter who regularly displays his artwork on Pacific Avenue, reports that on Sunday afternoon, he witnessed two Santa Cruz Police officers hassling The Great Morgani on Pacific Ave. Joe wrote, “there were 2 cops that stopped him playing when he had a crowd of about a dozen people watching.”

The Great Morgani, aka Frank Lima, is a longtime street performer and performance artist from Santa Cruz, recognized as one of city’s most interesting characters. He plays the accordion and dresses in homemade, seasonally relevant costumes which sometimes take up to 100 hours of work. He usually performs on the east side of Pacific Avenue on the El Palomar block.

He authored a book, The Great Morgani: The Creative Madness of a Middle-Aged Stock Broker Turned Street Musician, which is described as a “photo-illustrated story of one of the United States’ most flamboyant and unusual street musicians.” He also has a website, TheGreatMorgani.com.

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