Students and Workers Block Road at UCSC to Protest Poverty Wages

AFSCME Local 3299 members feel that UC has been taking advantage of working students by hiring them to do the same work as AFSCME Local 3299 members but for less pay and benefits.

On February 28th, UC Santa Cruz workers represented by the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 3299, and backed by students, demonstrated for justice, dignity and a fair working contract. The demonstration, aided by the sunshine, was organized by AFSCME and the Student and Worker Coalition for Justice. Over 350 people took part in the largest demonstration of the school year in support of UCSC’s most underpaid workers. Instead of making demands outside the Chancellor’s office, workers and students decided to get UCSC’s attention by lining McLaughlin Drive and twice shutting down Hagar. Students and workers felt empowered by seeing how easily they can bring UCSC to a halt, especially when they have a lot of support from faculty and staff, as in 2005 when UCSC was shutdown for an entire day.

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Police Raid Activist House in Santa Cruz

On February 24th, police broke through the front door of a home on the 700 block of Riverside Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz at about 10pm. The Santa Cruz Police Department, UCPD, Santa Cruz County Sheriffs, and a Park Ranger all participated in the raid which took place after police officers spent the day monitoring the house and looking inside windows, including while a young women was taking a shower. Police refused to produce the warrant until they were leaving the house with their hands full of computers and other items that could be used to induce other other people to be compassionate.

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Peter Young Speaks at SHAC 7 Benefit in Santa Cruz

In early 2008, Peter got off probation and moved back to Santa Cruz where he had been living underground before being captured.

On February 23rd, Peter Young, an animal liberation activist and former Green Scare prisoner, spoke at the Louden Nelson Center in Santa Cruz before a screening of “Behind the Mask” at a benefit for the SHAC 7.

Peter grew up in Los Gatos and moved to the state of Washington at the age of nine. He went to college at the University of Washington where he became involved in animal rights activism. In 1997, Peter and a friend liberated over 8,000 mink and foxes from various fur farms in a two-week road trip across three midwestern states. In 1998, indictments were handed down for his arrest and accomplice Justin Samuel. After nearly 7 years on the run, Peter was captured in San Jose in 2005 and served almost two years in prison until his release in early 2007.

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