Yadira Speaks About the Pilgrimage Supporting Immigrants and Farmworkers

[ Yadira at the Peace & Unity 2012 march in Watsonville. ]

Yadira Ramirez and I spoke on Monday night, June 28, 2004, about the upcoming Pilgrimage Supporting Immigrants and Farmworkers. Yadira is 16 years old and from Watsonville.

Yadira also speaks about the INS (or whatever they call it now…) kidnapping people from Watsonville.

The Pilgrimage starts at 8:00 AM on June 29 in King City. The United Farm Workers are helping to organize the events which will be in support of ‘immigrants’ and farmworkers. An important focus of the pilgrimage is to build support for AgJobs (SB1645)

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Santa Claus Visits Santa Cruz to “Stop Global Warming!

By Bradley, V-Man, and Max

On June 12, 2004, Santa Claus came to Main Beach in Santa Cruz to talk with beach goers about global warming while delivering home the message that, “Santa Doesn’t Want To Be Ho-Ho-Homeless.”

As soon as next week, the US Senate may vote on the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act. This is a bill that would require polluting industries to make modest cuts in carbon-dioxide emissions, the pollutant that thickens the “carbon blanket” around the planet and leads to global warming. The measure was last voted on in the fall. At that time both Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Diane Feinstein (D-CA) voted for the bill.

“Global warming will have devastating consequences for the economy of California among other things”, said Max Boykoff of Duyure Adelante. “It is clear that our Senators here in California recognize that. But we need more Senators on board, so to speak. We are urging all people to call on their Senators to vote for this first step to stop global warming.”

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Interviews on Reclaiming the Commons

The biotechnology industry met in San Francisco from June 6-9, 2004, to “celebrate the benefits of biotech to health, agriculture, the economy and the environment.” BIO 2004 was countered by an alternative gathering called Reclaim the Commons, from June 3-9. Although BIO’s website claims that the Bay Area “is the world’s leading bioscience corridor,” the Bay Area is also renowned for its recent resistance against global capitalism, protests against destruction of the environment, and the US war on Iraq.

Interviews with Meddle, Starhawk, Luke Anderson and Christopher Peace, organizers of Reclaim the Commons, recorded live on Indynewswire, a new program on Free Radio Santa Cruz. Meddle, Starhawk, Luke and Christopher discussed the upcoming mobilizations.

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