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Four Twenty 2013 in Porter Meadow at UC Santa Cruz

420 2013 in Porter Meadow at UC Santa Cruz On Saturday, April 20, 2013, thousands of people participated in the annual 420 pilgrimage to Porter Meadow at UC Santa Cruz. Once again, the counterculture cannabis celebration brought people of diverse backgrounds together for an afternoon under the hot sun.

This year there appeared to be more spectators and fewer spectacles. Similar to 420 in 2012, many people stayed under the forest canopy bordering the meadow due to the high temperature. In addition to smoking cannabis and socializing, people were face painting, relaxing in a hammock strung up in the redwoods, listening to live and recorded music, juggling, hula hooping, and taking pictures with friends.

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Ten Years of Practical Activism Conference at UC Santa Cruz

Activism Through Art

The 10th annual Practical Activism Conference at UC Santa Cruz, organized by students at colleges Nine, Ten and Oakes, was held on October 20, 2012, at the College Nine & College Ten Multipurpose Room. The student-led conference featured keynote speaker Angela Davis, ten workshops, various on- and off-campus organizations, performances, and a variety of hands-on activities.

In addition to Angela Davis, this year’s conference featured spoken-word artist Terisa Siagatonu. Terisa, born and raised in San Francisco, graduated from UCSC’s Community Studies program and also participated in Youth Speaks, the premier non-profit organization in the country targeting spoken word literacy art education for youth.

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Drop the Charges Against the Davis Dozen and Arrest the Criminals at UC and US Bank

In January and February of 2012, just months after multiple police officers at the University of California at Davis sprayed a military-grade chemical weapon into the faces of seated students during a protest against university privatization and police brutality, dozens of UC Davis students and other community members demonstrated in a hallway outside a branch of US Bank which was located on the UC Davis campus since 2010.

In response to the successful protest, the the Minnesota-based US Bank branch indefinitely shut its doors on February 28th. On March 30th, at the apparent behest of UC Davis administrators, Jeff W. Reisig of the Yolo County District Attorney’s office filed charges of obstruction and conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor against eleven UC Davis students and one professor — renown poet and writer Joshua Clover. The twelve individuals have become known as both the “Davis Dozen” and the “Banker’s Dozen”. The twelve stand accused of the “willful” and “malicious” act of protesting in front of the US Bank branch located on their UC Davis campus.

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420 2012 in Porter Meadow at UC Santa Cruz

Four Twenty UCSC On Friday, April 20th, thousands of people descended upon Porter Meadow at UC Santa Cruz for Four Twenty (420), a counterculture holiday observed in cities throughout the world, where people gather to celebrate and consume cannabis.

Cannabis is recognized as medicine by the state of California, 17 other states in the USA, Washington DC, and a growing number of people and governments all over the world. Cannabis is typically ingested through smoke or foods made with cannabis-infused cooking oil or butter.

Four Twenty in Porter Meadow at UCSC is an unorganized annual tradition. Last year, rain caused people to seek shelter under the forest canopy. This year, it was the hot sun which drove people to the shade provided by the trees.

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The Student Environmental Center’s 11th Annual Campus Earth Summit at UCSC

On March 3rd, the Student Environmental Center at UCSC hosted the 11th Annual Campus Earth Summit in the College 9/10 Multipurpose Room at UC Santa Cruz. This year’s Campus Earth Summit included student-led workshops on a wide-variety of subjects, live performances by the North Pacific String Band and spoken word poets, keynote talks by Santa Cruz Mayor Don Lane and Eric Holt Giménez of Food First, organizations doing outreach and delicious vegetarian food.

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